Community Support

Community center support focuses on forging strong partnerships and collaboration on site, locally and as a model for the autistic community nationwide. This is the soul of our our organization and engages family and community to develop support options which include:

  • High-needs autistic adults being welcomed, understood and safe.
  • A loving supportive home base from which they can access community.
  • A network of mutual support systems where families help families and neighbors help neighbors.

Integrating the Community

Our desire is to shift the backbone of the support system for autism from government to community including immediate families and group home families. We create support options for residents by engaging local businesses, with services to do simple tasks, gaining employment for the residents and value and brand enhancement for the companies we work with.



  • Schedule Speaking engagements in our community about our program including presumed competence and sustainable gardening.
  • Host fundraising events as a platform to educate the community on who we are and the best practices to enhance the lives of those living with autism.
  • Become a platform in our community that collects and communicates any and all new training techniques, technologies, support systems or other approaches that lead to a more meaningful life for those with autism.
  • Upholds persons with autism living at home by providing support to their families and caregivers in the areas of behavioral plans, communication support, and strategies that promote an atmosphere of belonging.

The Gathering Place

At the Gathering Place, we will offer both residents and the community:

  • Garden & Art Workshops
  • Book Clubs
  • Typing Training
  • Social Events

We also will offer opportunities for spiritual growth while emphasizing support in life skills and vocational skill training.

Get involved by donating, volunteering and participating!

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