As We Wait

With staff hired and the first 3 of 6 young women accepted into our home, our hearts are ready to throw the doors of Peace of Heart Home (POHH) wide open and welcome them in yet licensing holds us back. Mounds of paperwork meticulously completed await review. Inspectors trickle through our home one by one. POHH undergoes all of the local zoning and licensing by our county plus state and disability agencies. We must patiently wait to officially open our doors. We have so many of you cheering for us. Your encouragement keeps our hope burning bright. We want to say THANK YOU.

Fortunately we have plenty to do in the waiting. We have a garden overgrown with weeds ready for a complete transformation. The first growing season we were focussed on local farmer’s markets so we could spread the word of our project. This was a beautiful thing and we made many lasting friendships while providing organically grown produce to our community. The 2nd season we started with markets then ended by providing our produce to local restaurants. Both of these seasons were remarkable learning experiences that brought us to our latest vision: a raised bed community garden planted by our staff and persons with autism. This project aligns beautiful with Peace of Heart Farm’s (POHF) mission statement:  To create possibilities for persons of all abilities through the positive benefits of farming, garden, and community interaction.

We are calling the POHF raised bed project a community garden on steroids! In most community gardens you do all the work. In our project, we will let you choose from a selection of plants, we will seed them and our team (including persons with autism) will transplant and maintain them. Once they are ready for harvest we will notify you and you can come and pick your organically grown produce!

Pre sales of raised beds will greatly help us get our project off of the ground. We see this project as a win-win all the way around. Nourishing produce direct from our garden to your table while helping us achieve our mission to provide a meaning-FULL life for persons with autism.


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