Our Endowment

Our endowment model has not only evolved from today’s economic changes with pressure on decreased funding and federal revenues for persons with disabilities but the basic idea that “true growth” of the individual, community and society at large comes not from a consumer mentality but when we reach out to give back to those in need.

We believe the cooperation (not competition) is the very basic and survival of society. By practicing and maintaining a self-sustaining principles, POHC can help maintain and secure a bright future for those living with autism.

Today, we can plan for tomorrow by making ethical decisions to take responsibility for our own existence and to help those with special needs in our society. By supporting POHC Foundation, you can help provide access to resources necessary that offer a “meaningful life” and personal growth for those less fortunate.

We believe that, in giving, you truly receive the most. We encourage all of our donors to get to know the persons we serve. Living life in mutual exchange is truly the most meaningful existence of all.

Get involved by donating, volunteering and participating!

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