Ways To Become Part of the Peace of Heart Community

Our Vision

There’s no doubt that our Garden of Possibility will be an example of what is possible when people dream big enough and then get together with others to make that dream a possibility.

Ways to Help

Raised Beds

Our raised beds are the shining stars of our community offerings. Imagine fresh seasonal organic produce growing for you and your family all year round. Read more here.

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Rent a Raised Bed


A big part of our vision is to make the Garden of Possibilities (our community raised bed garden) handicap accessible.  In order to reach our mission, we are asking for paver donations or financial donations earmarked to purchase pavers.  We have already had local business donate truckloads of pavers so we are off to a good start!  If you or your business would like to help, go to our donate button if this is something you can help us make a reality.

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Donate Pavers


To more thoroughly enjoy the peace that our gardens bring, part of our “wish list” is to have benches throughout the Sanctuary Garden and Nature Trails.   Please click on our donate button.  A contribution of $1,000 or more will purchase a bench along with a plaque which could be inscribed in memory or honor of the person(s) of your choice if you so wish.

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Donate Benches


At Peace of Heart Farm we believe that the soil says a lot about who we are and what we practice.  According to the Regenerative Health Institute, the health of our soil (to a great extent) determines our personal health.  We, too, agree with Hippocrates that food is medicine!  POHC Farm goes above and beyond conventional organic measures to make sure the produce our garden produces for your family and loved ones is not only nutritious but void of measurable heavy metals and pesticides.  In order to do this, our soil will go under rigorous laboratory testing twice a year.  We are also in the process of becoming certified organic so you can rest assured you are only putting pure, unadulterated food into your body!

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Donate Soil


Once you have become a POHC Farm community partner by renting a raised bed for a year, you will be given the opportunity to choose from a selection of plants from lettuce, kale, radishes and more!  Like our soil, our seeds and processes are organic.  Once selected, persons with autism and our staff will lovingly seed, then transplant the seedlings into your raised bed filled to the brim with organic soil.  We will even maintain your bed for you.  Just look for an email or social media post stating it’s harvest time, then you come out and pick and enjoy!

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Donate Plants

Hydroponic Gardens

Stay tuned:  Our hydroponic residential grow tower program is being conceptualized right now!  In the near future, community partners like yourself will be able to enjoy fresh, organic produce furnished and maintained by POHC Farm’s staff and residents grown right in your own home!



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