Seedtime and Harvest

It’s a beautiful thing…rest.  So many of us numb our lives with busyness that rest seems like failure.  We have bought into the lie that everything must be productive to have merit.   Busyness and mundane life can destroy creativity and rest.  It’s in rest that we can assimilate our lives and embrace the beauty in the things right in front of us that we see everyday but have become blind to.

It reminds me of a beautiful piece of Gentry’s art that I was going to rehang.  I placed it on the floor right by the entrance to my closet.  I passed it frequently throughout the day.  It’s new, unexpected location on the ground caused me to “see” it for the first time each time I quickly passed by it.  Resting is like that.  It gives us a fresh perspective on things and life.  A renewed vision can nourish our weary souls.

The bible frequently mentions rest.  It’s in the creation story.  Do you think God needed rest after creating the earth?  Maybe but, most likely, he modeled rest for us.  He was showing that we were created to enjoy this life.  Yes, life is hard, but it is meant to be enjoyed.  This bring me to an important point:  Seedtime and Harvest.  Most of us feel like we are on a treadmill called “life”.  Summertime gives us permission to break from the routine.  While it seems most of us welcome this break…we also are happy when it’s over.  Just think about your kids getting out of school then gearing back up to start again.  The excitement they have seeing their friends, buying new clothes, and starting team sports and other school-related activities. Rest renews us.

One of our gardeners who volunteers frequently is always pointing out parallels with the nature and how it mimics life or how maybe it’s more like life mimics nature (or it should).  In the garden, there is seedtime and harvest.  We at POHF are taking our cue from nature and the heat and are realizing the need for our garden to rest.  Instead of a continual seeding and growing, we are hoping that this rest will nourish the soil for an even healthier raised bed harvest season for the 2019-2020 growing year.  This rest will give us rest we need too.

Stay tuned to social media for updates on the next harvest.  Look out for special bonus items Chef Daniel is making throughout the summer…Kale/Collard Pesto, white bean chard hummus and more!!!

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